Explosions and fire are not well liked in the piano industry. After giving vent to our more violent instincts on the 4th, Mt. Everest Moving Company has returned to the road. 

We kicked off the month by moving an heirloom piano from Lancaster to Pittsburgh. Since the piano was not very valuable as a musical instrument, it was a striking example that pianos are much more than wood, felt, and steel. This piano was purchased by the family patriarch just the day before his death, and it has been transferred among his children and grandchildren. Generations have used it to learn. We were glad to facilitate this process.

We spent the rest of the month doing local moves. We made lots of runs among Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Reading. We even hauled a spinet to Wilmington, DE. This spinet was also a family heirloom being transferred from one generation to the next.

We look forward to helping more people in our community next month.

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