Our biggest job this month was a delivery to Kittery, ME. The piano was a mammoth upright player that we picked up in Jonestown, PA last month. A mother was transferring it to her daughter in Maine. When we got to Kittery, we found that the piano was to wide to bring directly through the front door and into the music room. No problem! We flipped the piano on end, so that we could slide it down a hallway and enter the room from a different door. 

Along the way to Maine, we had stops in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Both were interesting deliveries. In Connecticut we eased a mid-sized upright down a spiral staircase. In Massachusetts, we delivered a baby grand piano to the top floor of a split-level. Sometimes slit-level houses have a ground level entrance in the back, but not this one. It was a real test of our two-man crew to slide it up to the first floor, but we succeeded. We enjoy these long trips, but it is always nice to get home again. We spent the rest of the month catching up with local moves.