Our farthest delivery of the month was in Buffalo, NY. The piano that we delivered was a family heirloom that we picked up in York, PA. We picked it up last month and finally had time to deliver it a few weeks later.

This month we also partnered with C.J.'s Pianos to make a concert possible at The Kimberton Inn. The Kimberton Inn is located near Phoenixville, PA. This month they hosted three classical music concerts. For each concert we moved in the large grand piano that they rented from C.J.'s Pianos. Since they did not want the piano to stay at the inn between concerts, we moved it back to the store after each event. That means we moved it a total of six times this month!
We were proud to partner with Snyder's Piano Service this month to restore a Steinway grand piano for Bucknell University. We transported the piano to Snyder's shop where it is receiving extensive restoration. Bucknell is situated along the Susquehanna River in Lewisburg, PA. Lewisburg is about two hours north of our base in Lancaster, PA, and the scenery is beautiful at this time of year. We will look forward to doing this route again in a few months when the restoration is complete!

Our sales team is back on the road again! This time we are meeting up with piano technicians from all over the east coast. Technicians spend years building relationships with piano lovers and their pianos. They are experts in the industry, and earning their trust is one of our top priorities. So we got a booth at the Piano Technicians Guild convention in Philadelphia, PA. 

Getting the mountain that we use for a backdrop into hotels is always a challenge, and this time was no exception. We tried three doors before we found one that it could fit through. Once inside the mountain is always a hit. Below is a picture of our top salesman Seth Gatusso posing with it:
And it was a success! We made a lot of new friends, and learned even more about how to serve our customers well. As an added bonus, we got some valuable new clients. We will look forward to returning next year!