This month our marketing team went to the 2015 PA Auctioneers Association Annual Conference.  When an item is sold over an auction, it nearly always needs to be moved. That is were we come in! We help buyers transport their purchase to its new home. The conference was great, and we made many new connections. But while we expected to meet new people, what we didn't count on was that coming to the conference is joining a family. It is just as much a reunion as it is a business event. Old friends greeted each other with hugs, and we were welcomed into the family.
And it was a success! The very week after the conference we were able to help a buyer transport a load of restaurant equipment from an auction in York, PA to a restaurant she is opening in Shamokin, PA. All thanks to a kind auctioneer who passed on our information. We hope that this is just one of many auctions will be able to facilitate in the coming year.

Conrad Martin - Mt. Everest Moving Co. (left), Mark Ferry - 2014 PAA President (right)
This month we had a the opportunity to move a K. Kawai piano for our neighbor Four Seasons Produce Inc. Although they move many thousands of tons of produce each year with their large fleet of trucks, they needed help for this specialized job. They wanted it moved from one part of their complex to another, so that they could use it in a Christmas event. Since Four Seasons is within sight of our base in Ephrata, PA, we were happy to oblige. It is always great to do business with neighbors.

Christmas time is busy for everyone and we are no exception. Many pianos are given as gifts either new from the store or as heirlooms from Grandma. They all need to be moved. Several of our customers wanted their pianos delivered as surprise gifts on Christmas Eve. December is our busiest month of the year and we enjoy it, but we were glad when Christmas day came and we were able to relax with family and remember the birth of our Lord.
One our most enjoyable moves of the month was a 7' Yamaha grand piano which we took from Wernersville to Towanda, PA. The move itself was not very difficult and it went smoothly. The drive was beautiful with the autumn leaves in full color. When we arrived in Towanda, we were greeted pleasantly by Mr. Innes. He kept us entertained with stories from his family history as we un-packaged the piano. When we were finished, he treated us to lunch. In his own words, "I may not be as good as the local diner, but the price is right!" The local diner can be glad he is not going into business, for, if he were, he would have at least one faithful customer.
Satisfied Piano Customer
Working for the elderly always gives a sense of satisfaction. This month we had the pleasure of helping an older couple in the neighboring town of Denver, Pennsylvania. They had a small grand piano on the second floor of their home. As they have grown older, it has been more difficult for them to climb the stairs and enjoy their instrument. It was at a beautiful location on an interior balcony, but the time had come to move it downstairs. We were able to safely move it to their main living area where they will be able enjoy it for years to come.


First Lutheran Church - Carlisle

On August 29 we stopped in Carlisle, PA to deliver a beautiful Kawai grand piano to the First Lutheran Church of Carlisle. Now, though Mt. Everest Moving Company is thoroughly Calvinistic, the impressiveness of this building is difficult to deny. We always enjoy moving for churches no matter what their creed. This one's convenient handy-cap ramp made it especially enjoyable.

The Hollinger House

The Hollinger House Bed & Breakfast is a grand old Adams Period mansion near Lancaster, PA. After a recent change of ownership, it has been renovated to a whole new level of beauty. A grand piano is just the thing to fill one the large rooms. With original hardwood floors and high ceilings, the acoustics are perfect. We had the pleasure of delivering a piano into this beautiful house.
Explosions and fire are not well liked in the piano industry. After giving vent to our more violent instincts on the 4th, Mt. Everest Moving Company has returned to the road. 

We kicked off the month by moving an heirloom piano from Lancaster to Pittsburgh. Since the piano was not very valuable as a musical instrument, it was a striking example that pianos are much more than wood, felt, and steel. This piano was purchased by the family patriarch just the day before his death, and it has been transferred among his children and grandchildren. Generations have used it to learn. We were glad to facilitate this process.

We spent the rest of the month doing local moves. We made lots of runs among Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Reading. We even hauled a spinet to Wilmington, DE. This spinet was also a family heirloom being transferred from one generation to the next.

We look forward to helping more people in our community next month.

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